Tyreek Hill calls Tua Tagovailoa 'the most dependable QB in the NFL'

Since showing up in Miami back in March, Dolphins wide collector Tyreek Hill has been gushing in his recognition of his new quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

At the point when the Twitter world was going off the deep end about a video that the group put out from their own record 

showing Tagovailoa underthrowing the wideout, Hill rushed to answer with his very own video.

He's spoken on his new digital recording, "It Needed to be Said," essentially consistently about his quarterback.

A portion of his assertions contrasting him with his previous quarterback in Kansas City, Patrick Mahomes, even caused Hill problems.

Monday, Hill proceeded with his endeavors on ESPN's "First Take."

It's been broadly revealed that the Dolphins and New York Jets were the two groups vigorously inspired by Hill this offseason, and on "First Take," 

Hill was gotten some information about his choice to pick the water and orange over the green and white.

"Zach Wilson is a canine, yet I'd prefer play with the most dependable quarterback in the NFL," Hill said.

He later added, "Clearly, Tua, he's not your commonplace gunman, but rather on the off chance that you were to simply focus on his game,

Everything is right on target, everything is pinpoint, ball is on time. His basics are spot on.

He gets some margin to make up in different regions and be perfect in different regions that different quarterbacks may not be great at."

The exactness means a lot to Hill. That was a major piece of the discussion when he was contrasting Tagovailoa and Mahomes.

In 2021, Tagovailoa finished 67.8% of his endeavors, placing him seventh in the association in culmination rate for qualified quarterbacks.

Then, at that point, there's the drive to contend and win that Hill applauded also.