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Football fans setting their fantasy football lineups and breaking their favorite player’s jersey out of the closet means one thing: the NFL season is here. 
As the chase to Glendale, Arizona, and Super Bowl 57 begins, supporters will head to the stadium or tune into their televisions in hopes of their team hoisting the Lombardi Trophy on Feb. 23, 2023. Even though some teams have slim odds to win a title, it won’t change the love and loyalty dedicated fanbases have for their squad. 
But some fanbases are bigger than others, and when it comes to being the most popular team in the country – at least in terms of internet searches – look no further than “America’s team,” the Dallas Cowboys. 
The Cowboys were the most searched-for NFL team over the past five years, according to Google trends data from 2017-2022 shared with USA TODAY.
Even though Dallas has not won a Super Bowl in that timeframe, being the most search-for team bolsters their status as “America’s team” heading into the 2022-23 season.
Here’s a look at the top 10 teams in the country, plus the most searched-for NFL team in every state since 2017. 
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There is a lot of history when it comes to the 10 most searched teams in the U.S., as the teams have won a combined 33 of 56 Super Bowls played. Each team has also made the playoffs at least once in the past two seasons. 
Here is the top 10: 
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Not only are they the most popular team throughout the country, but the Cowboys also were the most-searched team in the most amount of states. The Cowboys were the popular resultin seven states.
Some teams dominated regions, like the Patriots taking all six states in New England and the Seahawks taking the Pacific Northwest. 
Here is the most popular team in each state, according to Google trends data since 2017: 
Alabama – Dallas Cowboys
Alaska – Seattle Seahawks
Arizona – Arizona Cardinals
Arkansas – Dallas Cowboys
California – San Francisco 49ers
Colorado – Denver Broncos
Connecticut – New England Patriots
Delaware – Philadelphia Eagles
District of Columbia – Washington Commanders
Florida – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Georgia – Atlanta Falcons
Hawaii – San Francisco 49ers
Idaho – Seattle Seahawks
Illinois – Chicago Bears
Indiana – Indianapolis Colts
Iowa – Green Bay Packers
Kansas – Kansas City Chiefs
Kentucky – Cincinnati Bengals
Louisiana – New Orleans Saints
Maine – New England Patriots
Maryland – Baltimore Ravens
Massachusetts – New England Patriots
Michigan – Detroit Lions
Minnesota – Minnesota Vikings
Mississippi – New Orleans Saints
Missouri – Kansas City Chiefs
Montana – Seattle Seahawks
Nebraska – Kansas City Chiefs
Nevada – Las Vegas Raiders
New Hampshire – New England Patriots
New Jersey – Philadelphia Eagles
New Mexico – Dallas Cowboys
New York – Buffalo Bills
North Carolina – Carolina Panthers
North Dakota – Minnesota Vikings
Ohio – Cleveland Browns
Oklahoma – Dallas Cowboys
Oregon – Seattle Seahawks
Pennsylvania – Philadelphia Eagles
Rhode Island – New England Patriots
South Carolina – Dallas Cowboys
South Dakota – Minnesota Vikings
Tennessee – Tennessee Titans
Texas – Dallas Cowboys
Utah – Dallas Cowboys
Vermont – New England Patriots
Virginia – Washington Commanders
Washington – Seattle Seahawks
West Virginia – Pittsburgh Steelers
Wisconsin – Green Bay Packers
Wyoming – Denver Broncos
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