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Not only will there be a new royal leader of the United Kingdom after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, but things around the country – from the national anthem to money – will change as well. 
After the announcement of the monarch’s death Thursday, her eldest son and heir, Prince Charles, 73, became King Charles III.
Plans had been in motion for the queen’s death for years, known as Operation London Bridge, as well as plans to begin the king’s reign, known as Operation Spring Tide. But there are still things that will change in coming days, months and possibly years. Here are some things expected to be different in the U.K.:
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The national anthem for the U.K. is “God Save the Queen.” With Charles on the throne, the name will change to “God Save the King.”
All lyrics will stay the same, except mentions of the queen will change to “king.” All pronouns in the anthem will also be changed to “he” and “him.”
Example: “God save the Queen, send her victorious” will be “God save the King, send him victorious.”
All currency in the UK, known as the pound sterling, features the queen’s portrait, which will eventually be replaced with the king’s portrait. The Guardian reports about 4.5 billion bank notes are in circulation with the queen’s portrait, and it would take at least two years before the king appeared on them. 
The queen also appears on some bank notes and coins in Canada and other Commonwealth nations, but the status of new portraits is unclear in those countries. 
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The queen also is featured on stamps, which will soon feature the king as the old ones phase out. 
Postboxes around the U.K. say EIIR, which is the cypher for Elizabeth II Regina, will likely not be replaced or removed. Instead, when new ones are created, they will have the king’s cypher. 
Flags across the country at police stations, government building and other locations that have the queen’s cypher will need to be replaced. The new logo, along with the colors, have not been announced. 
It’s also possible the royal standard flag, the one that flies at a building whenever the head of the royal family is in residence, could change. Another flag that could change is the queen’s colors flag. 
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Aside from Charles’ title, numerous titles in the royal family also change. King Charles III’s wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, is now Queen Consort. 
Prince William and Kate Middleton, who were the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are now the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge.
Even though Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have left the royal family, there’s a chance their children, Archie and Lilibet, could be bestowed the titles of prince and princess.
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