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Tributes have been paid across Northern Ireland and the Republic to Queen Elizabeth II, the UK's longest-serving monarch, following her death.
Politicians and church leaders have sent their condolences to the Royal family.
"This is just the saddest news and our hearts are breaking.
"Her Majesty The Queen was a wonderful lady and I had the privilege of meeting her many times including here at Hillsborough Castle.
"People right across Northern Ireland tonight will be deeply sorrowful for the loss of this marvellous, wonderful Queen.
"There is no doubt Her Majesty The Queen played a very important role in helping to build reconciliation. Her visit to Dublin was a cathartic moment in the history of British-Irish relations."
"I wish to extend deepest sympathy to the British Royal Family on the death of Queen Elizabeth II.
"Her passing marks the end of an era.
"Relationships between our two countries, for so long marked by conflict and suffering, have been recast and reimagined through the Good Friday Agreement.
"The Queen proved a powerful advocate and ally of those who believe in peace and reconciliation.
"I salute her contribution to the huge change that has evolved in recent years."
"The Queen's passing is indeed the end of an era. Her state visit to Ireland in 2011 marked a crucial step in the normalisation of relations with our nearest neighbour.
"That visit was a great success, largely because of the many gracious gestures and warm remarks made by the Queen during her time in Ireland.
"Her popularity with the Irish people was also very evident and clearly made a very positive impact on the Queen. In particular, I recall the warmth of the welcome she received from the public in Cork during her walkabout at the English Market.
"To her grieving family and people, the Irish government join with you in mourning the loss of an exceptional woman who led by quiet and dignified example and who touched so many lives over her exceptionally long reign."
"It is with profound regret and a deep personal sadness that I have learnt of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
"On behalf of the people of Ireland, may I express my heartfelt sympathy to His Majesty King Charles and to the Royal Family on their very great personal loss.
"May I offer my deepest condolences to the British people and to the members of the Commonwealth on the loss of a unique, committed and deeply respected Head of State.
"Her Majesty served the British people with exceptional dignity.
"Her personal commitment to her role and extraordinary sense of duty were the hallmarks of her period as Queen, which will hold a unique place in British history."
"I am deeply saddened at the news of the loss of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.
"Throughout her reign, Her Majesty has been the matriarch and pillar of our country and the Commonwealth.
"She has always provided wise counsel, admirably and selflessly, fulfilling a lifetime commitment to public service.
"Her Majesty dedicated herself to our family of nations – no more so was this apparent than in Northern Ireland.
"We will always be greatly indebted for her efforts to promote reconciliation and the fostering of better community relations, ensuring peace and stability."
"Queen Elizabeth II was, without doubt, one of the most consequential civic figures of the last century.
"My thoughts and the thoughts of all those in the SDLP are with Queen Elizabeth's family at an extraordinarily difficult time.
"The blessing of a long life does not make the burden of saying goodbye any lighter.
"I also want to send my deep condolences to all those, across the world, but particularly in Northern Ireland for whom the Queen held a cherished place in their lives and hearts.
"Elizabeth's influence on Ireland, our people and our peace cannot be underestimated."
"The passing of Queen Elizabeth II is one of the saddest days the United Kingdom has ever known.
"The Queen was a regular visitor to Northern Ireland in good times and bad, and even during the decades of violence she was determined to come here to see her people and, in the process, provide comfort and reassurance.
"Her state visit to the Republic of Ireland in May 2011 went a long way to healing old wounds and normalising relations between two close neighbours and indicated very clearly her great wisdom and sound instincts.
"This world was a much better place for her presence and is now a much poorer place for her passing."
"Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is one of the figures who came to define the 20th Century, as well as a large part of the 21st due not only to her longevity but her commitment and dedication to the country and Commonwealth.
"The majority of us have only ever known her in the role of sovereign and it will be incredibly strange to not see her there carrying out her duties.
"Throughout her reign, the Queen worked tirelessly in service to the country and Commonwealth, receiving praise from all quarters for her selfless dedication to the role.
"That is only one of the aspects of her life which will remain as her lasting legacy, and I hope it brings her family, and indeed all those grieving, some comfort at this sad time."
"The passing of Our Gracious Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is a very sad day in the life of our nation.
"To the nation and almost everyone alive she has been an intrinsic part of our lives.
"Her steady leadership and devotion to duty have hallmarked a reign of unparalleled success.
"Adjusting to life without Her Majesty will be a major national challenge."
"Like so many people here on the island of Ireland and around the world, I was saddened to hear of the death today of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. 
"I express my sympathies to the new King, to the members of the Royal family and to all those who will grieve the loss of this much-loved and deeply respected monarch.  
"Since the Queen's coronation in 1953, she has shown immense commitment, not only to her royal duties and responsibilities, but also to the wider common good. 
"What stands out for me is her dedication to faith, to family, and to peace and reconciliation."
"All deaths are inevitable, but few are as unimaginable as that of Queen Elizabeth II.
"For all who met her, it was clear that she was interested in people from all backgrounds and that she respected them.
"In the privacy of their meetings she also shared the riches of her incomparable experience of public affairs with 15 prime ministers.
"Her many visits to Northern Ireland were evidence of her awareness that she had been crowned Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and her conscientiousness in living out that role."
"For those in Northern Ireland who express their loyalty to the Crown, few can remember a time when The Queen was not part of the very fabric of national life, as her Platinum Jubilee in June demonstrated.
"At the same time, for many who do not share that same sense of loyalty, in her long life Queen Elizabeth became one of the most recognisable and respected figures across these islands.
"The Queen will be remembered for her sense of duty and quiet dedication to the service of the people of the United Kingdom, and those farther afield."
"It is impossible to adequately summarise in words the enormity of the extent to which the late Queen Elizabeth II dedicated herself to the service of her country.
"We have enormous appreciation for her steadfastness as she maintained her faith in God and lived by her calling to serve the people of the United Kingdom and those through the Commonwealth.
"We give God thanks for her long life, sacrificial leadership and dedication to duty."
"I am greatly saddened to learn of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II today.
"I send my deepest condolences to the Royal Family at this very sad time.
"We will support our communities over the coming days as we remember Her Majesty and mark this historic moment in time."
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